The third quarter for my Amazon associates program just ended, and I earned just a little over a $1000. That is my worst quarter in a while. I think part of the problem was the season. Summer is traditionally a poor season for me as people are spending less time online. Google has also been playing games with my rankings. Now we are starting into the fourth quarter. Fourth quarter with christmas and other holidays is always the biggest selling quarter! Last year I made about $7700. Not sure what this year will bring. I have all the same stuff out there, and then some. I tweaked my pages to make them look nicer, but with Google and the changes algorithms, who knows. I do the best I can do, and that is all I can do.

My funds are up, and most of my stocks are down. Maybe my stock picking sucks. Maybe I should put my money into funds, and leave the stocks alone? Maybe I will put half into funds, and half into stocks? I don’t know. My Amazon stock is doing great. Dicks Sporting Goods which was my highest flyer is one of my worst now. I keeop thinking of diversifying more. I have alot of retailers. Manufacturers I have consider have been Garmin (GRMN) and Black & Decker (BDK). I use a Garmin GPS and they are a leader in the industry. Black & Decker owns Dewalt and I own alot of Dewalt tools, and a few Black & Decker tools as well. I think both of these companys will be around for a while.

Got some nice dividends for my IYR (REIT) fund. I will get the payment from Amazon towards the end of the month. Maybe I will buy some more Amazon stock as well.