(from email dated 1/25 @ 6:46am)

Dear Amazon.com Associate,

It’s time again for referral fee payments to our Associates! December 31st marked the end of the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2005, and we have just sent payments to eligible Associates for the referral fees earned during the past quarter.

(from email dated 1/27 @ 9:29pm)

The following payment has been made by Amazon Services Inc.. It will be paid by bank transfer directly into your bank account.

Payment date: 30-JAN-2006

Huh? Was payment sent 1/25 or 1/27 or will it be sent on 1/30?

I just got off the phone with Amazon Associates support, and payments HAVE NOT been sent yet. Apparently payments were ‘released’ on 1/25. So when they said in the 1/25 email that “payment were just sent”, that was not true. And in the 1/27 that said payments had been sent, that was not true. He said that payments should be sent by the end of the month (either today or tomorrow). When I asked about the 1/30 payment date in the 1/27 email, he said that was not necessarily true either.

So I am still waiting for my payment!