I love having multiple streams of income. Even better, I love that they are residual, and replicatable!!!
I have been building web sites for years now. It is a hobby of mine. I don’t play video games, I build web sites. And the web sites I like building are web sites that make money!
I recently set up a web site for a friend of mine. I basically cloned one of my blogs, and set it up for her. She will have to do the work of writing the posts, but she gets the benefit of my many years of experience. But I was inspired to build yet another blog. So I registered a new domain, and by that evening had low-fat-diet-recipes.com online. I love blogs because they consistently make money. Not huge amounts, but consistent small amounts.And they are low maintenance. I don’t have to spend much time on them. Posts that I may have written a year or two ago are still earning me money. Just yesterday I noticed a rise in revenue from one of my sites. I investigated, and saw that one page was getting a large number of hits. I did a google search and found that for a certain search term, I was coming up number one. Why this happened all of a sudden, I’ll never know. But if I had never written the post, I would have been making the money. And that post was written a year and a half ago!
And I can basically copy the way I have a blog set up to another blog. I am already investigating ideas for another couple new blogs. I am trying to decide if I have enough to say on the subjects. But eeven then, one of my blogs has abrely been touch for almost a year, and doesn’t have a lot of posts, but is still making me money! I should look at doing some more posts on that blog too.
But blogs are great for setting up multiple income streams. Each of the individual blogs see rises and falls in traffic, but overall they are relatively consistant. And the mioney keeps flowing!