I had been listed high in the serps for lots of keywords on MSN Search, up until saturday. For some reason, my traffic from MSN Search dropped to almost nothing overnight. I used to get a lot of traffic from Google, then one day it stopped. Then MSN search was my top search engine, now it’s gone. Why? I suspect the problem is my themes and plugin. Not the ones I am using, but the ones I am giving away. For some reason, I lot of spammers started using them, so now I have lots links from both legitimate sites and spam sites. I am going to give it a little bit, but if I don’t start getting traffic again, I will have to take measures. What I may do is register another domain, move my site there, all except the theme and plugin pages. I will basically be start over from scratch in the search engines. I am pretty sure the problem is not my content. The good thing is that I might start getting hits from Google again!