I was mailing a few books that I sold on Amazon.com. She was there with her mother, or her fiance’s mother with a cart full of books that they sold on Amazon and other sites such as Abebooks and ebay. Wow! I asked how many books they had online and she guessed about 10000. I am guessing more. I have about 1100 online and don have anywhere near the turnover that I saw on the cart. Wow! I gotta list more books. I did enjoy talking books with her. But I alwats love talking about books. I got lots of them!
One of these days I need to finish my book on how to buy and sell books. I already have one book published through iUniverse, and the money I make from it is not very impressive. So I am debating about how I would publish the book on buying books. Whether I would want to go to a regular publisher, or I could publish the book online, and make money from Google Adsense and such. Or I could sell it as an ebook on ebay.