My stocks have been doing poorly. My investment of $13000 has only gained a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, the ETFs in my Roth IRA have been doing much better. Maybe I am not a good stock picker, and I need to consider funds. Maybe I need to just hold on. It has been less than a year for the stocks. I bought them with a 5-10 year period in mind. So the possibilities are 1) just keep going as I have been, buying stocks in my regular account, and funds in my (and my wife’s) Roth IRA. 2) Keep the stocks I have, and spend future money in my regular account on ETF’s. 3) Liquidate some or all of my stocks, and buy ETFs. I am in no hurry, so at this point I will probably just wait. If I did sell of the stocks, PetsMart and Michaels. These couple stocks have been my biggest losers and the ones I am least attached to. Maybe I will jsut sell these two, and put the money into an ETF, such as more IYR, or EEM.