Wow! I just received a marketing email from Borland. I didn’t even know they were still around. I bought stock in them years ago just after they jaquired Ashton-Tate. I remember, I heard the news and thought, wow, these guys now own the two big powerhouse database programs: DBase and Paradox. I was sure their stock was going to go up. And it started rising! I was wating for a check to come, and the stock continued up. I got my check, and cashed it, and ordered the stock. The stock went up a little more after that. I think I bought it and around $70 a share. I held it for a while, but finally sold it at loss at around $55 a share. I just looked at a chart, and see that I bought it near it’s peak. If I had held it, it would be worth a little over $5 a share. Damn, I wish I had bought Microsoft! I kept thinking Microsoft was over priced, and I didn’t like Bill Gate’s business practices. I still don’t, but I would have made money!