Most of my holdings are down today. Coca Cola (KO) and Merck (MRK) are both up, probably because they are paying dividends on Friday. At least that is my guess. Since I have dividend reinvestment, I will probably be buying the fractional shares at a slight elevated price. Can people make some sort of a profit from this slight increase? Maybe traders? Whatever! I am in this for the long term!
I finally got the $1249 check from the IRS for my Mom’s 2001 return. It will go back to the IRS to pay for the prepayment of our 2005 taxes. I will be getting a $5000 check from Amazon in about a month, most of which will go to pay off my credit card bringing the balance to ZERO! There might be some left, that I will shove into stock. Though maybe I should hold back a $1000 to cover the tax prepayment for second quarter.