I have been making money online now for over 15 years now. There are so many ways of making money online it is ridiculous.
My first money making endeavor was before the world wide web even existed. I was still playing on bulletin board systems. I played a few online door games. I wanted to play a cyberpunk game, but none existed like what I wanted. So I wrote one. A friend of mine had a BBS, and he put it online. Other friends played it. They quickly climbed in stats, and whined that it was too hard. I made it harder! The harder I made it, the more addicted they got. I sold registrations for the game around the world for other BBS’s. I made thousands of dollars.
The next opportunity I found for making money online was in the early days of the world wide web. I wanted to put my family genealogy onlien. There were some programs that already did this, but I didn’t like their format. Rather than trying to convince the author to rewrite his program, I wrote my own. I noticed later on, he added a feature to his, to mimic my layout. I released it as shareware, and I am still making money (some) from that program.
When Amazon.com came around, they had and affiliate program. I linked to some books on my website. I was soon making money online via the sales commissions. I added more books to other web pages, and made more money. As I learned more, I began building some AWS driven stores, and was making thousands of dollars every year.
eBay also offers excellent opportunities for making money online. I am an avid book collector. Sometimes when buying lots of books, I get duplicates, or books that I don’t want. I started selling these of eBay sometimes for more than I bought the lot for. I also learned to find book in used book stores, garage sales, thrift shops, etc that were worth a lot of money. I would buy the valuable books, and sell them on eBay.
When Google introduced AdSense, that opened new avenues for making money online. I added AdSense to some of my pages, and was making a couple dollars every day. I was happy with the couple bucks a day as I hadn’t done more than add some banners to my pages. But then one day I bought an ebook online that told me how to improve my Adsense earnings. I started implmenting some of the things the book told me about, and my earnings started climbing.
There are so many ways of making money online, the list is endless. The world wide web is like the wild west. There is so much opportunity. You just need to find your opportunites, and take them!