My experiments with targeted keywords, and Google AdSense have been going extremely well and I have been making money on the internet. Today I registered another domain. Some pages on another of my sites have been doing well, and seem to be paying well for each click. So I decided to create a whole site based around those pages. If the half a dozen pages are doing well, and they are not even tageted well, I think they will do very well if I actually target the site better, and add some more content.
After I get this new site established, I will continue adding content to my other sites. Then I have some ideas for another possible site or two that might be good for making money.
Making money on the internet is not very hard. It takes work, but it can be fun if you enjoy what you are doing. I already had 7 domains, plus the webspace through my ISP. And each is making money. Some of the websites make more money than others. Find what works and do more of it. Keep refining. Thats how I have been making money on the internet!