Since before the beginning of the world wide web, I have been making money online. I first started making money on bulletin board systems (BBS). I sold a BBS door game as shareware. Later, when the world wide web brought the interne to the masses, I was right there. I had new shareware program to sell. When Amazon introduced it’s affiliate program, I was there. Then Amazon came out with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and was building stores. When Google introduced Adsense, I signed up. I have sold used books on I have sold stuff on eBay. I have made money from all of these. I keep learning, and making more money. I have been making huge strides in learning over the last couple months. I invested in some ebooks, and website tools, and have been increasing my online earnings to personal highs. It’s possible that my online earnings may surpass my 8-5 corporate programming job by the end of the year. And what I am doing is something that anyone can do.
My current energies are focused on build several blog sites. I have about 8 websites total. They all make money. But my blog sites, this one in particular, are growing at an incredible pace. I have spent much time and money studying webpage layout, where to place ads on the page for the best click through rates, learning about keywords, etc. I have always been very good in search engine optimization, but some of the ebooks I have been reading have brought my skills and knowledge to a whole new level. And it is paying. I have spent around $400 over the last couple months on ebooks, and tools. My earnings this month will be close to $800. I am expecting my earnings next month to exceed $1000, or more. And they are still growing.
As I said, anyone can do this. The internet is full of opportunity! Try things, some things will work, other things wont. Try lots of things! For the things that work, do more of them. They things that don’t work, try doing them differently. Keep playing and having fun! I don’t play video games. I enjoy trying to make money! The scores are much more satisfying when there is a dollar sign in front of them. I try to avoind time wasting activities. I try to do at least something everyday to forward my money making potential. If I make just a little progress every day, it will make a big difference down the road. Just like investing in the stock market. But instead of money, I am investing my time. I am generating a nice income stream. And it is compounding! And I am enjoying it!
The internet is a playground for your home based business! Find those online opportunities. Have fun, make money!