After the sale of my GM stock goes through, I should have about $180. I have been looking at both Lowes (LOW) and Target (TGT). I think both are solid growth companys with lots of potential. Lowes has better future earnings estimates, but if you look at the stock prices, Target has gone up faster in the last 1 year, and 2 year periods. If you walk into a Home Depot (HD) or a Lowes, they are pretty much the same. I guess you could compare Tagret with a K-Mart (SHLD), but Target ‘feels’ better. I have always liked Target, and was excited when they first built one in the area where I now live. So my gut is telling me to go with Target over Lowes, evn though Lowes seems to have better numbers. I went against my gut feeling when I bought the GM, and that turned out to be a mistake. In reality, I think either Target or Lowes would be a good choice. I could alway buy some of one, and then buy some of the other in a week or two. I amd thinking I will go with Target.