Q: How do I replace lost savings bonds?

A: I think many people wonder what to do if they have lost savings bonds. Are they out of the money because they don’t have them? What if they are stolen, or destroyed? The answer is everything will be fine! The government has full record of what US savings bonds you own!
If you have lost savings bonds, or perhaps you are dealing with an estate in which there may possibly be some lost saving bonds, you should complete Form PD F 1048 (sometimes listed as PDF1048 or PDF 1048). On this form, you need to provide the approximate issue date along with the complete names, address, and social security number that appeared on the bond, and the bond serial number. If you don’t know the serial number or denomination, just write “unknown” in the space provided. Mail the completed form to: Bureau of the Public Debt, Parkersburg, WV 26106-1328. The replacement bond will show the original issue date.

Personally, I ran into this situation with my mom’s estate. She had not stored the bonds well. We found them all over the house. We found them in unopened envelopes, and tucked between magazines. We found over twenty bonds. But we were not sure we had found them all. As executor of the estate, I filled out for PD F 1048, I had it, and the papers naming me as executor of the estate (the letters testamentary), and a death certificate all notarized. The form allowed me to have the bonds reissued in my name. I think their was also another option to have them just send me a check.