Bunches of my stocks are down again today. All of the stuff in my Roth IRA is up for the day so far. Red Robin (RRGB) has come up a bunch today though.
Did some work over the weekend. I modified this site a little to put the Google Adsense add over on the left side where I have read it will get a better click through rate. I also modified it to blend in with the site which I read will also improve the CTR. I added an alternate add link, so that if Google doesn’t have any adds to serve up, it will display an Amazon ad instead. We’ll see how it works. I also worked on listing more used books on Amazon. I need to work figuring out the manufacturing process for the 2 piece bo (6 foot martial arts staff) that I want to produce. I have made some progress, but not completely happy with the results. Still needs to be better before I will try to sell it.