I had a bunch of eBay auctions close last night, and got many of the payments bringing my PayPal balance to $375. I transfered $370 to my checking account, and hopefully it will show up by friday. I will pruchase something though I don’t know what. I am looking at Canadian energy royalty trusts. They seem to have very high yields. If I do go that way, I may put some money in a couple of the most promising ones. PrimeWest Energy Trust (PWI) looks good. It has a yield of 12.18%, a P/E of 17.43, and the other numbers look good or reasonable. I am hoping to make it to the bank at lunch and cash the savings bonds I got reissued in my name. Hopefully they don’t give me a bunch of crap telling me I have to send the to the federal reserve bank like I did with the POD (pay on death) bonds.