I got a letter this weekend regarding the $71000 total disbursement from my mom’s thift plan. It says that it was requested on 1/26. Requested? By who? Not by me. I hadn’t any contact with these bozos since I got the thrift plan straigtened out 10 months ago. I was told I would get 51 payments, but I only got 10 and total disbursement. I tried to get ahold of the manager I talked to before, but she is always on the phone. I talked to one of the low level peons (named Cindy) yesterday, and she said it was currently being researched (started by my phone call on Friday), and that I should hear something back within 2 business days from the first call. So I am supposed to hear something back by the end of the day. So if I don’t I am going to be calling them back tomorrow, and demand to talk to a manager. I will not be happy. I am not happy now! Who requested the total disbursement? It took me months of phone calls, and a letter from my lawyer to get access to the account that was rightfully mine (they kept cancelling my pin #s, and sending me new ones that were invalid when I got them). I thought I was done messing with these jerks, now I am back dealing with them again. I am constantly fearfull that they will screw something up, and my pin # will be cancelled. But now I get this letter saying that a total disbursement was requested. Again by who? Did they give someone else access to my mom’s thrift plan? They said no, that it was probably a computer error. That doesn’t make me feel better.