Using the proceeds from my sale of Advance Auto Parts, I invested another almost $1300 in iShares Latin America Index ETF (ILF). ILF has been doing very well over the last 5 years. I believe that there is a ton of growth going on in Latin America. I have visited several countries in Central America, and the growth of the economy there is very evident.
In my regular brokerage account, and my Roth IRA, I try to invest in things that I don’t have access to in my 401k. In my 401k I have part of my money invested in an international fund. But in my Roth IRA, and my regualr acount, and I have money invested in an emerging markets fund (EEM), and just started investing in the Latin America Fund. ILF has outperformed even EEM which has done quite well for me. So I am excited to see what the ILF ETF will do.