A while back I was listening to a book on tape. They described this guy who travelled around the country on business. What he would do on his on during each trip was rent a car, drive out and look at properties. He would look at the city, or towns, and try to figure out which direction the city seemed to be growing in. And then he would buy some small lot in that area. Apparently he was pretty good because his real estate investments had risen in value, and he was very wealthy.
Every time I head out to Las Vegas, to visit my father in Pahrump, I see how much the area is growing, and I keep thinking about buying a small piece of Las Vegas investment property. I know property values have been rising fast out there. But I don’t know anything about real estate investing. I mean I could buy some little plot of land in Las Vegas, or in Pahrump as an investment, but chances are I would not make any money, or lose money as I don’t knwo what I am doing. I suppose I could get my father to help me some find some plot of land. He has bought and sold houses in the past, so would probably have a good idea about buying a piece of land.
Maybe I will just stick with the stock market. Land doesn’t grow, where a company can.