What will happen to Kodak? Kodak used to be a powerhouse. But they are quickly shrinking. I have many friends who work for Kodak, and I am always hearing horror stories about layoffs, and divisions being closed or sold.
When I got my first digital camera, I told my wife that film would be going away, and everything would be going to digital. My disagreed, and said people would be using film for a long time. But I saw the writing on the wall. I saw how many pictures I could take with a digital camera. Film was just cost prohibitive. If I went on vacation, I could take hundreds of digital photos, but the cost of film and especially developing would kill me with a film camera. The cost of digital prints is dropping making them that much more attractive. Now instead of just getting a small number of pictures printed, I can get a hundred prints for a reasonable price.
Kodak seemed to drag their feet into the digital market. Arrogance made them believe that Silver-Halide would always be around. Even my father-in-law a long time hobbyist photographer and user of Kodak film has made the switch to digital.
But stories coming out of Kodak are of projects just reaching the finish, and then being shut down. Executives swearing up and down that divisions wouldn’t be sold, only to have news announcements later that day that the divisions had been sold. I hear all of these stories about how there are managers there with no one left to manage.
They are constantly laying people off. Soon there won’t be many people left.
So what will happen to Kodak? What happened to Polaroid? I did a search for the stock symbol of Polaroid one day, and found several different symbols. None were current. From what I read, I seemed that Polaroid became a penny stock before being sucked up by some other company. Polaroid seems to be a name only. My first digital camera was made by HP. I saw the same exact camera labelled with the Polaroid name, but priced just a little more expensive. I have’t even seem that much lately. I expect Kodak to slowly shrink. Maybe they will be able to hold on doing something in digital prints. I wouldn’t invest any money in them, at least not while they are on the path they are on. It just seems like Kodak management is intent on running the company into the ground.