These guys should have been tried a long time ago. Bastards! These guy’s and coherts such as Andy Fastow and greedy A-holes like them caused the collapse of the stock market. I did not even have a significant investment in Enron or any of the other companies that were involved in financial wrongdoing, but with money in the S&P 500 and other funds, I took a big hit anyway. My 401k which dropped to about 40% of it’s value, is finally back up to where it was. And it only took 5 years! And all of the employees of Enron, and the handfull company’s who lost their jobs and savings, while sons of bitches like these got rich. Ken Lay with those fat cheeks is going to make a nice bitch for some lonely prisoner with a name like Cletus or Bubba!

I heard tapes of some of these guys calling to have power stations taken off line to cause power shortages to drive the price of electricity up to make themselves rich all the while raping the end consumer. Now maybe Kenny and Jeffy will know what it’s like to be raped…literally! :o