I was just reading an article on the net about the trend of companies not to let shareholders speak at annual meetings.
One of the more bizarre references was to Whole Foods. Apparently they decided not to allow people whose proposals were being voted on to make a brief presentation. A representitive from an investment company that co-sponsored one of three shareholder resolutions at the meeting expressed dismay at the refusal to allow presentations.

Saying he didn’t want the meeting to become a “circus,” Whole Foods founder and Chief Executive John Mackey asserted that shareholder comments would be a “waste of time” and that those who didn’t like it could buy someone else’s stock.

Say what? Maybe Whole Foods should use that as an investor relations quote! I had been considering buying some Whole Foods stock, ummm…but, I didn’t like it. I guess I will buy someone else’s stock. Thanks John Mackey!

The referenced article can be found at http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/060512/biz_all_business.html