Jim Cramer – Mad Money is an interesting TV show. With the flash and speed of a game show, but all about investing, or at least stock trading.

jim cramer mad money

Before getting involved on TV, he managed a hedge fund that averaged a 24% annual return.
Before hosting Mad Money, Jim Cramer co-hosted Kudlow & Cramer with Lawrence Kudlow, on CNBC.
The on March 14, 2005, Jim Cramer-Mad Money hit the cable line up. It was a totally original show. Instead of show about investing with a buy sitting quietly talking about some company’s new products, and their fundamentals, you had a hyperkinetic Jim Cramer bouncing off the walls, waving his arms, yelling, and scream, telling you that you need to buy this stock, or sell that one. It was like professional wrestling crossed with a show about the stock market.
A segment that appears on every episode of Jim Cramer-Mad Money is the Lightning Round. Jim Cramer used to start this off by throwing his chair across the studio set at the wall. He then takes rapid fire calls from viewers as they rattle off stocks, and then Jim Cramer says what he knows about the company and gives buy/sell/hold recommendations.

Jim Cramer’s Books:
Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World
Confessions of a Street Addict
You Got Screwed! Why Wall Street Tanked and How You Can Prosper

Books About Jim Cramer:
Trading with the Enemy: Seduction and Betrayal on Jim Cramer’s Wall Street by Nicholas W. Maier