I love going to investing seminars. Especially free investing seminars! Why would an investing seminar be free? Because they are trying to sell you something…why else would it be free? But I have never actually bought anything at any of the seminars. I still have still gained knowledge and information. They talk about various things that they do, and usually offer another paid seminar in which they will give you more information. But once I have learned a little about what they do, I can go and do my own research, and decide if it is something that I want to pursue.
I think the first investing seminar I went to was for Wade Cook investment network, or whatever they were calling themselves.
One of my favorite investing seminars was the Millionaires Conference which had half a dozen speakers including William Danko (co-author of The Millionaire Next Door). I learned a lot at that seminar, and it didn’t cost me a penny. In fact, I got a free book out of it.
But beyond investing information, I love seeing the structure of the seminars, and how they go about trying to sell to the audience. I find it entertaining. They usually offer the paid seminar for some lofty price ($3000-$5000), and then lower it for those at the seminar ($1000-$3000). Some of the presenters are very good. I really appreciate dynamic speakers. I love the little tricks they use to get the audience involved, like asking rhetorical questions like “who here wants to be rich?”, and then having people hold up their hands. Obviously everyone there wants to be rich. Then they begin to tell you that only their product will make you rich, and that if you don’t buy their product, you will never be rich, etc. It is really fascinating to watch these guys work.
The invites to the investing seminars using come in the mail. If you get on the right mailing list, they will come. And if you have gone to one seminar, your name might end up on a list, and you might get invited to other seminars. The last seminar I attended, I heard about on an infomercial. I just went to their website and signed up.
If you have nothing better to do, go check one of these things out. If you are concerned that you might get talked into buying something that you shouldn’t, then leave your credit cards at home.