I am planning on a long trip out of state tommorrow morning, so stopped in at Valvoline Instant Oil Change to get my oil changed. For the first they had me turn on my lights, and singals to test them all. I asked when this had started, and apparently it was just implemented the previous week. In case one was burned out, they now sell the service of replacing bulbs. That’s a great idea for trying to get all the money out of a customer per visit that you can. My bill came to about $60, about $42 for the oil change, and $14 for an air filter. I gotta start maming appointments at Honda, or the service place up the road. VIOC is just getting too expensive. And if I wasn’t so procrastinative, I could make an appointment at some other place, and save some money. After sucking the money out of my wallet, I decided to look them up. Valvoline Instant Oil Change is part of Valvoline which is a division of Ashland Inc. I looked up Ashland (ASH) and found their growth estimates are on 6% per year for the next 5 years. Too slow for me. But I learned another stock that I don’t want to buy at this time, and that I need to start making appointments for my oil changes.