A few days ago, my calls me up and tells me he got free tickets to a seminar titled Internet Income Training. The ad says learn how to make money online using eBay, Yahoo, Google, MSN and other online resources at this FREE Conference. As I have said before, I love these free conferences and seminars. I even learn a little bit sometimes. But I really enjoy seeing the sales pitch. I am always interested in seeing the people who show up to these.
Anyway, my buddy asks if I want to go. It even includes a free lunch or dinner, and you get a free business organizer (looks like a small DayRunner). He wanted to go at lunch, but seeing as the thing is supposed to be 90 minutes long, and there is always a waiting around time, etc, I said after work would be better. So we are going to do it.
Then yesterday I got the same letter in the mail with a free ticket. I am guessing they got our names from the same source.
I already make a lot of money online. If I learn anything at this conference, great. If not, I will post about it on here, and probably still make money from it. Great! But I will have fun, get a free meal, and day planner out of it. It’s a no lose situation! :)