I was searching for my site in Google by name (they currently don’t have any of my pages in there yet for some reason), and I found a site that listed mine. The site is blogshares.com. It is a fantasy stock market site where people invest in blog sites. From what I can tell, you can buy fantasy shares in various weblogs, and then as people link to them, their value goes up. You can buy shares in blogs that you think will become popular, and sell the shares when you think you can do better. Hmmmm… nobody owns shares in my blog yet. C’mon guys, buy shares in “Zero To Rich”, and then link to me! Get fantasy rich today! :) There are values to outgoing links as well, but I am not sure how they are figured in…maybe they raise the value of the site that is linked to? I may try the game out. Though I am pretty busy playing the real thing!