I am not sure what mailing list my wife got on. I get a lot of investing come-ons myself. But then my wife got a “magazine” thing in the mail titled “Intelligent Investor Report” The subtitle is Your Guide To Investing In An Age Of Terrorism. The copy we got is the Summer 2007 edition, and there is a cover price of $9.95. It’s only 16 pages including the front and back covers.
I started looking through the magazine, and start laughing. The cover is touting some over the counter stock for some sort of healthcare company I have never heard of. I look further inside the magazine, and found that nearly every page was touting this same OTCBB stock! It’s basically a 16 page advertisement to buy a specific over the counter stock! I guess we are lucky enough to be in the inner circle to get this stock tip! LOL!
This reminds me of those emails I get telling me about some penny stock that is going to soar. Those are scams. The people have bought up quantities of some penny stock, the send out a bunch of spam emails saying the stock will rise. Then a bunch of greedy rubes buy the stock, and sure enough, the price of the stock does rise. Then the people who sent the emails cash out making a large profit on a stock. It’s market manipulation.
But this Intelligent Investor Report thing reminds me of those emails. And it’s funny! In the back, I can subscribe to this “magazine” for $189 for 24 issues, or $97 for 12 issues. Of course they throw in some FREE stuff. LOL!
I may send the thing to the FTC or the SEC or someone and let them decide if it is a scam.
Of course, the joke will be on me if the company they are promoting turns our to be the next Microsoft. BTW, I have purposely not mentioned the company here.