With all of the horror stories in the news about whether Social Security will still be around when I am of retirement age, I am not going to count on it being there. And even if it is there, they will probably change it. Maybe they will raise the age to start collecting again. Or maybe they will reduce the benefits. Who knows. It really ticks me off that I will have paid such a huge amount money into the system only to have my government representitives piss it away on pork projects. Why should they worry about? They spend it now when it will help them get re-elected, but they will be long gone when it is time for me to retire. So I am dumping money into my 401k (which ended over $237,000 yesterday). If I get anything from Social Security fine, but I am not counting on it. Maybe they will change the system so that only the people who didn’t bother to save anything will get any of it. I am sure that whatever happens, I will get screwed.