I had planned on mailing in my taxes today. I had my wife write the checks for the IRS, and New York State, both for 2004 returns, and the 2005 quarterly estimated taxes pre-payment. I brought the stuff to work, with the envelopes, and am going to the post office at lunch anyway to mail off books I sold on ebay. But I realized I forgot the sheet with the addresses that I was supposed to mail the returns to. I left them at home next to my computer. Oh well. I can grab the little cards for certified mail, and return reciept requested from the post office when I mail the books, and fill them out tonight, and I am sure I will have more books to mail tommorrow as payments trickle in. I transfered the m,oney for the taxes and our mortgage around in our accounts and have about $800 left. I should be getting another $450 in my account in the next day or two that I transferred from PayPal. I got a check for the POD savings bonds from my Mom’s estate that I cashed in, for $816. I will sell more books this week as well. I think I may have about $2000 available to shove into the Roth IRA for 2004. I was hoping for $3000, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen.