After selling off (dumping) most of my Dow stocks yesterday, I decided to make a clean sweep. I sold my Coke stock for about $780. Coke has growth estimates of 8.5% per year for the next 5 years. I looked at Pepsi (PEP) which is what I actually drimk, and it had growth estimates of 10%. Better! But I decided I wanted more promise than that. I looked at various stocks, some I own, others I don’t. I decided to add to my holdings of stocks I already own. I ordered $250 woth of Dick’s Sporting Goods, $250 worth of Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL), and $280 worth of Target. I ordered the most of Target, since that is my smallest position. I should add to my eBay at some point.
I was looking at companies like PetMed Express (PETS). The numbers look promising, but when I did a search on Google, all of the references I found were either how the profits were growing, or how they are being sued, or fined. I will keep an eye on them. I have never used them, which is another minus. I was also looking at Pixar (PIXR) and Dreamworks Animation (DWA). Not sure if I want to investing in a movie company. Seems like the movie going public could be fickle. As much as I like their movies, a few bad movies could ruin a movie company. I keep looking for interesting companys