In anticipation of the payments from my mom’s thrift plan to start in May, I set up a Roth IRA. I think I can still put in money towards 2004 up to April 15th. My CPA got the amount we owe the IRS and NY State down, and I also got the refund for my mom’s 2001 return back. So I might be able to squeeze some cash out, and shove it into the Roth for 2004. That would be cool. I am eyeing some aggressive funds. I am looking at the IYR REIT index fund, which has a good yield, and would be good to have growing tax-free in the Roth. I am looking at some more of the IJT small-cap growth fund, though I might get more of this in my regular account as well. I am also looking IYE which is an engery index fund that seemed to have good returns. I gotta find out how much available cash I will have after bills. I am hoping to get the payment for the Saving Bonds I cashed in. I know the treasury department got them as they sent me a letter dated the 15th saying they got em, but they have yet to send me the payment for them. Dealing with these savings bonds has been a complete hassle. I was supposed to have gotten paid for work today via direct deposit, but due to a technical glitch, none of us got our payment today. They said maybe tommorrow, or monday. Not that I am hurting for available cash, it is a little annoying. Oh well.
I am watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer…I don’t know why. I haven’t even heard of most of the companys he is mentioning, much less know what they do. I am interested in large companys that I have heard of, and that will be around for a long time. I want to buy their stock, and hold it, and get long steady increases! And dividends are always nice.