Tax day is quickly approaching. Still not sure whether we will have to pay, or how much. Way too many variables this year! I will be getting stuff from the accountant in the next few weeks. If we do owe, I want to make sure we have enough money to cover it. By the time I get our returns back from the CPA, it might be too late to cash the stock options and actually recieve the money to use to pay the taxes. So I figured I would get a head start. If we don’t have to pay a huge sum in taxes, I can go ahead and invest the money, or use it to buy new sliding glass doors for our house. I have to exercise the options by November or they will expire anyway. After 10 years, I thought the options would be worth more. At one point about 5 years ago pre-enron, pre-9/11, theye were worth more than they are now. I hope Skilling and Lay get convicted, and are sentenced to long terms in some nasty CEO-raping prison. Let them get raped like they raped their investors.