For about the last week, I am seeing my logs that my site is being slammed by online casinos. At least I am assuming they are casinos, or at least gambling related. They all seem to have gambling related words such as poker, or texas holdem, or roulette, and words like that in theri URLs. In the logs, it looks like I am getting traffic from these sites, but I serious doubt. The hits will come for hours, then stop. I will think it is over, but then the next day it starts again. They don’t seem to be attempting to leave comment spam. It seems like their goal is to try to get blog authors to click through the links out of curiousity as to where their traffic is coming from? I have no idea. But they are are playing having with my blog stats making it look like most of my traffic is coming from these sites. I looked at the logs, and they all show unique IP address. Whatever! I hate spammers!