You want to know how to retire rich? The easiest way is to start investing as young as possible. The earlier you start, the more you are letting the power of compounding work for you. If you start investing at 16 years old, you will have to invest significantly less to reach the same point than if you start investing just 10 years later. This is because all of that money that you invest from age 16 to 26 has been compounding and growing. And it will continue to compound a grow until your are ready to retire. Invest early and often!
David Bach has a handfull of excellent books. My personal favorite is Start Late Finish Rich. He tells you specifically, step by step how to retire rich!
Think of your bank account. Money goes in, money goes out. If the same amounts go in and out, then it will never grow. You need to spend less than what you earn. Spending less can be as simple as eating out less, drinking tap water instead of bottle water, quit smoking, turning the house temerature down a little in the winter, and raising the temperature of the air conditioner in the summer. If you spend less than you earn, then you will have money to invest.
Now you need to invest your money. Go to the library and check out books on investing. Beware of any books that promise that you will get rich quick. How to retire rich is by getting rich slowly but surely! Invest in funds. Not just a fund, but diversified funds. I personally try to find aggressive funds. I own more than a half dozen funds between my 401k and my Roth IRA. The least aggressive is the S&P 500. I like REIT index funds, emerging market funds, small cap value funds, etc.
Investing early, often, and letting your money grow (preferably tax deferred) is how to retire rich! Get start now! If you have already started, invest more. Ramp it up! Go for it!