How to make money? Making money is actually pretty easy. Find a problem, and solve it. Find a need or a want and fill it. Find something that can be improved, and improve it. Find a question and answer it. That’s all there is to it.
Some examples:
One guy’s girlfriend collected Pez dispensers. She wanted a placed where people could buy and sell Pez dispensers. So the guy set up a website for people to have auctions. That was how eBay was created. Now Pierre Omidyar the founder of eBay is a rich man! He found a need, and filled it. That is how to make money!
In my own life, I wanted a shareware program for a certain application. There were already a handful of programs that performed that task. But they didn’t do exactly what I wanted. So I wrote my own program to do it the way I wanted. I then started selling copies of it, and made thousands of dollars.
Bill Gates got his start by writing a small program that filled a need, and then selling it. He parlayed that into becoming the richest man in the world.
There are so many examples of people inventing things to solve problems, and then getting rich.
The internet is filled with opportunity! People are setting up websites and supplying information. People are making information easier to find. People are buying and selling items on websites like eBay!
Find a need or a want and fill it! That is how to make money!