Now that my wife is no longer working, she has started to spend more time working on her home business. She set up a business a couple years ago called Just Barrettes where she makes hair barrettes. I built a store site for her. Now that she has started working more on making her barrettes, I have once again started working on her website.
I added a statistics program to her website so we could more easily see where traffic was coming from. I was surprised to see she is not getting much. So I have been encouraging her to become more active in a couple forums that she has been a member of, and add a link to her webite in her signature line. This will give her website more exposure, and also the links will help in the search engine rankings. I have also worked on making a “light box” which will allow her to take better quality photographs of her barrettes. The pictures on her website are not very good, and don’t really show off her barrettes very well. If they look more appealing, they will hopefully sell better, and her home business will make more money.
If all goes well, she should start selling more of her barrettes. Time will tell how far she might take her small home business.