My wife got on some sort of home business list, and we have started to get phone calls saying she requested information about starting a home business. Someone also mailed her a magazine titled Home Business Connection. It’s the May 2007 issue, and apparently retails for $5.95.
I was intrigued. I started to look through it, and had to laugh. It was cover to cover get-rich easy schemes! There are tons of ads, and even the articles are basically ads.
Here are some of the “business opportunities”:
Gumball/candy machines
Weight loss patches
Candle making (with MLM twist)
Stuffing envelopes
Virtual travel agnecy
Herbs and supplements
Medical coding specialist
Surveilance cameras
Weight loss drugs
Gas saving capsules
Mailing lists
No money down real estate
Flipping property
Brokering notes

Some of the ads really dont tell you what the deal is. They just have big flashing pictures, and text like “Got cash to burn?” “Did you make $4,297 today?” “100 millionaires in the next 5 years”, etc, etc

It’s just hilarious! But I can also see thousands of desparate people wasting their money signing up for some of these get rich schemes. The people getting rich are the people who run these things.