The best help with investing that I have gotten has been at the local library via books on tape and books on CD. Books written by David Bach in particular have been very helpful.
Here is some of the best help I can offer:

1. Start investing now. The sooner the better. Just open an account, preferably with someone with cheap transaction fees. You also want to make sure they offer dividend reinvestment. I use an online broker called I have been very happy with them.

2. Start off conservative. Don’t jump in into the stock market and start buying every hot stock. This is a ticket to losing money! Don’t learn investing by diving into the financial pool in a sink or swim strategy. Start off buying funds. Buy index funds! S&P 500, small cap, large cap, mid cap, emerging markets, etc. Avoid funds that are too narrow in scope. Buy an international fund is great. Don’t buy funds in a single country, or even continent. Avoid funds in a single sector such as energy, biotech, etc. You want broad general index funds. If you invest too narrowly,the stuff you you invest might go south, while everything else goes up.

3. Try to increase the amount you invest each month. If you increase your investments each month, you won’t miss the money much.

4. The best way to invest is in a tax deferred account. 401k is your absolute best bet! It might even have employer matching. Next is an IRA. I like Roth IRA’s! Your money will grow much faster it the returns are not being eaten up by taxes!

5. Don’t trade stocks! Buy the funds, and keep adding to them. After you get comfortable with investing in funds, then you can start buying individual stocks. Start this slowly. Buy stocks as if you were going to be trapped on a deserted island for ten years. If you don’t feel absolutely sure that the company will still be around, and still be profitable ten years from now, don’t buy it! If you start buying and selling stocks in short periods (trading), your money will start getting eaten up in transaction fees, taxes, and mistakes.

6. Don’t be TOO conservative! Saving your money in a savings account seems safe. But in reality you are losing money to inflation. If you are getting 1% interest, and the rate of inflation is 2%, you will be losing money each year! CDs (certificates of deposit) aren’t a lot better. Savings bonds also have poor rates of return.

I the above advice will help with your investing!