I had four large boxes of books that were too common, and low priced to be worthwhile to sell on Amazon (copies were a available for as cheap as a penny). I thought about taking them to Goodwill, but decided to try to sell them on ebay first. So I took a couple hours, and listed them as box lots. I figure if I sell them I will at least make a little bit of money. If they don’t sell on eBay this week, I will take them down to Goodwill next week. I also spent time listing more books on Amazon as well.
I bought some more white outlets, and outlet and switch plates. I thought about starting to replace some of the almond colored switches and outlets with the white ones, and caulk around the boxes at the smae time. But I keep thinking about waiting for the EnergySmart report which should have a price for sealing the house. So I hate to start work that we may have professionally done anyway.