Grow Richer As Your Competition Gets Tougher by Roy Primm

“The market is getting crowded

It’s getting harder to compete;

The path to take is clouded

Which profit path should I seek;

I’ll stand firm and take on tough competition

I won’t run away from my mission,

I’ll grow stronger as I intelligently compete.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Internet is getting more and more crowded and competitive. Big business is coming, small business is coming and home based businesses are coming by the droves.

The Internet is like the modern day gold rush on steroids! Everyone is searching for the elusive pot of online gold. Droves of people and businesses are triping over each other to stake their piece of cyberspace territory.

The competition is as fierce as it has ever been. Every business you can imagine (and some you can’t) compete for a slice of the online market pie. It’s getting less profitable trying to search for untapped markets with little competition.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a market, product or service with little or no competition, what happens? As soon as you’re mildly successful droves of people move in and copy, steal or cut in on you quicker than you can say copycat.

Now the key to success is to learn how to grow richer as your competition gets tougher. "Is that possible you ask?" I can answer that with a resounding yes! With today’s highly competitive climate it’s a matter of survival to have the skills to compete in a tough online climate.

Pay close attention and I’ll reveal 3 ways to grow richer as your competition gets tougher. Not by competing head to head with others – but competing intelligently, strategically, and systematically.

I’ll show you how to bullet-proof your business against larger competition.

Here are 3 Keys To Grow Richer as Your Competition Gets Tougher!

1. Look for change.

Wherever you see change, opportunity is not far behind. Because many people resist change, delay change or try to ignore change; this could signal an open opportunity for you. Change always seems to thin out the competition.

If you can be one of the first to embrace one of the opportunities change always creates before your competition, that could propel you ahead. If you’re a small business you have a unique advantage over your larger competitors. You can move on changes faster. Yes, while the larger companies are holding endless meetings, getting approvals and issuing memos you can act on changes, contact customers and execute ideas.

2. Can you personalize it?

This is the age of personalization. With most products and services mass produced and more businesses offering one size fits all services, more people are starting to crave the personal touch.

Today more consumers want to pick their own price for hotels and airline tickets. They want to build there own burger. They even want to mix there own soft drinks. Finding little ways to personalize your product or service is a quick and easy way to separate yourself from your competitors. You can separate yourself by simply offering personalized products and services to your target market that your competition isn’t offering.

Shame on the business who refuses to meet the individual needs of the customer. They’ll be forced to step aside to make room for the business, product or service that meets a customers every growing personal needs.

3. Make something more convenient.

We have convenience stores, convenience foods and convenience shopping. People not only want more convenience they are starting to demand it. It’s becoming a necessity.

Another quick and easy way to grow richer when competition gets tougher is to find ways to make it more convenient for your target customers to buy, use and own your product or service than your competition.

You should always be asking yourself the following question. "How can I make it more convenient for my customer to buy, use and own my product or service?" To ignore this vital question is to leave an open door for your competition to come in and steal your customers. Never stop asking the above question.

Notice something unique about the tips you just read? The all have two magical advantages in common.

1. They cost zero to start using. You don’t need to get a bank loan or make a large down payment to do them.

2. They can be used quickly. You don’t have to do a market research study or start a customer survey campaign. But the rewards can be immediate and last for years and beyond.

Start applying them today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And remember, tougher competition is coming, will you be worried or ready?

Copyright 2005 Roy Primm

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