My wife and I drove up, and got our tax return from our CPA. This was the first time my wife actually met our accountant. He is working today (Sunday), because tax day is in a couple days.
We don’t have to pay any federal taxes this year, in fact we get a refund. And we wont have to pay any estimated federal taxes this year either. They are such a pain in the butt!
We do have to pay New York State taxes though. But that is only about $280. And we found out that we don’t have to pay any NY state estimated taxes this year either! It will be nice not having to remember to pay them, and come up with an extra $1000 every three months!
Now paying the state taxes is going to be tricky. We are going to Canada later today. Just across the border in Niagara Falls. We could mail the taxes today via one of the automated postal machines. And we could get a delivery confirmation. But normally what our CPA suggests is to mail the tax payment certified mail, with return receipt requested. So probably tomorrow we will need to drive back across the border into the US, mail our tax payment, and then drive back to Canada. Such fun! Hopefully the border crossing wont be too busy.