I owed a little less than what I though on my credit card: $3662. I already sent in a payment of $200, so I stuck aside $3462 to pay it off. I stuck aside another $600 to pay my CPA. And my payment from Amazon was $5089. I wanted to buy $500 worth Carnival Cruise Lines. I debated about how much to put into Amazon.com (AMZN). I thought about $500, or maybe $250 and put $250 into something else. I couldn’t decide on what else. I looked at Honda Motor Corp (HMC), and Lowes (LOW), and Target (TGT). But I decided to stick the $500 into Amazon. With the drastic price drop, I don’t think their earnings are as bad as people seem to think. They got hit was a tax charge that dropped their profits. Their revenue was actually up quite a bit. Also, the money CAME from Amazon, so I am just investing it back into the company. So I put orders in for $500 worth of CCL and $500 worth of Amazon. The purchase will be in the 10am window, so hopefully AMZN is still down, or maybe goes lower. I think it is a good long term purchase.