I got my $2500 payment from Amazon today for this last quarter. I debated about buying some more Amazon stock, but the PE is too high, the PEG is too high, and they just jumped a big amount yesterday. I didn’t investing in a nay new companies, but added to my positions in companies I already own. I bought more Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS), which has been doing amazin. They are still relatvily small, and with a PEG of 0.94, they seem to be a great buy. I bought more eBay (EBAY). The P/E and PEG are pretty high but I think this company, but since they have money just rolling in, and no debt, and are growing, and have a monopoly on the online autcion, I think they are worth putting a little more money in. I bought a some more Lowes (LOW). With a PEG of 0.96 I think they are a good buy. PetsMart (PETM) has a PEG of 0.99, and a growth rate of 20%. I this company will give me some good returns. I have been wanting to add to my holds in Target (TGT). I had invested less than $500 in the company, and thought is was time to invest a little more. They are doing well, and even though their growth estimate is on $15, I thing they are a solid investment.