Last month I made a little over $3 a day average on Google Adsense. This month so far I have made a little over $4 a day average. In the last 5 days, I have made almost $5 a day average by people simply clicking on my google adsense advertising. The majority of that revenue is coming from this blog. Currently I have aabout 363 posts. I figure that as the number of posts increase, the adsense revenue will increase as well (posts with content). If I had a goal of $100000/year, and lets say that with 363 posts, I am making $5/day…$5 times 365 days a year is $1825 per year. $100000/1825=54.8. So I am guessing that if I had 54.8 times more posts (363 time 54.8 equals 19892) or 19892 posts, I would presumably be making about $100000 a year from google adsense. Thats a lot of posts. In the mean time, I will keep investing, and posting.
Keep in mind, this is not counting any earnings from or eBay stuff that I also have.
Well…one down and 19528 to go.