As I posted back in March, I got free tickets to a financial seminar featuring William Danko who is one of the authors of The Millionaire Next Door. I got up nice and early this morning so I can get ready, stop and get some cash and something to eat, get downtown and find some parking, and be at the plac eby 7:30am. I think it will be fun. There are four other speakers, but I don’t know any of them. I am sure they will be trying to sell me stuff, such as other seminars, but I am also sure that there will be plenty of good free information. I get a free signed copy of the The Millionaire Next Door. Right now I have a book club copy I bought for a buck at a library sale (which I loaned to a friend), and an ex-library large print edition which I also got a library book sale for fifty cents. So it will be good to have a nice signed copy. I listened to the book on tape anyway…which I checked out at the library. I am working on being more frugal! :)