This blog is couple months away from being a year old. I have made progress in my investing but have lost focus. I have been wasting some money that I could have been investing. Some of the big expenditures I don’t regret. I have been spending money on our house with a goal of making it more energy efficient and saving money in the long run. I am seriously looking at buying an ATV to bring firewood up from our downhill property. I have some firewood cut and stacked down he hill, and just need to bring it up. I probably have a couple face cords down there already, and will able to cut more this spring. At $65 a face cord thats about $130 worth of wood down there. I saw a couple ATVs in the local classifieds, one for $750, and one for $650. I have been watching eBay, and saw a couple 3 wheeler ATV’s for about $800-$900 with time still left to go. If I bought an ATV for $750, I would only need to collect $750 worth of wood or about a dozen face cords to break even on it. Then the wood after that is almost free. I would still need to get a small trailer. So the our home heating bills which have run as high as $500 in the Winter (actually that is our full electric bill), would be reduced. So in the long run, we would be saving money that could be invested.
I want to get back to buying stocks and funds. I did invest quite a bit this year. I maxed my Roth IRA, and have come close to maxing my wife’s Roth IRA. We can put another $1000 into her Roth for the 2005 year.
I earned about $1700 from Amazon for 4th quarter, a far cry from the $7700 I earned 4th quarter last year. My blog has been growing, and earning money for me. Most of the growth has actually been in the last few months. But with each post, each comment it grows a little more. I have been making a little from Google Adsense each day. But it adds up. With luck and work, my online earnings will grow this coming year.