There are plenty of places on the internet to get free stock quotes. My personal favorite is Yahoo Finance. Besides free stock quotes, Yahoo Finance has a ton of information to help with your stock purchase decisions. You’ll get charts, news, and most of the key statistics that you would want. There are even technical analysis tools if you are into that kind of thing. You can find the company’s competitors, and how they are doing. You can find out how much stock the insiders hold. And this stuff is free too. Yahoo Finance is the place I have bookmarked for free stock quotes.
One thing I like to do at Yahoo Finance, is list a bunch of stocks separate by commas (ie aap,amzn,rrgb,tgt). It will bring up all of my free stock quotes up on one page. Then I will bookmark that page. So when I want to know how all of my stocks are dong, I can just go to that bookmarked page.
Yahoo Finance also has message boards for each of the stocks. But I have found these pretty much worthless.
To visit Yahoo Finance, go to