There is a cool book titled Stealing Books: A Bookscout’s Guide To Book Collecting online at a website It has a lot of stuff about finding rare, valuable, or out of print books for cheap. And I love cheap stuff. And the book is online for free so that is cool.

Chapters are:

Chapter 1 – What To Collect
Chapter 2 – Where To Find The Books
Chapter 3 – Identifying First Editions
Chapter 4 – Getting Your Books Signed
Chapter 5 – Repairing Books
Chapter 6 – Care And Maintenance Of Your Books
Chapter 7 – Selling Your Books
Chapter 8 – A Day In The Life Of A Book Scout
Appendix 1 – Collectible Authors
Appendix 2 – Recommended Reading
Appendix 3 – Recommened References
Appendix 4 – Book Supply Sources