A couple months ago I got a phone call from somebody from my credit card company offering me a protection service for my credit card. If I signed up the first month or two would be free, but after that I would charged a month fee. If I signed up, I would recieve a free $25 gas card. I asked a few questions, and promptly signed up. Within a week, I recieved a letter confirming that I had signed up. I immediately called them and cancelled! Within another week, I received a form in the mail to get the free gas card. I filled out the form, and mailed it in. In another month or so, I recieved another form that I needed to fill out for the gas card. Mostly this second form was to select which gas station I wanted the card for. I chose Exxon as there is one not too far from my house, and they generally have good prices. Finally, last week my $25 Exxon free gas card came. I filled my tak over the weekend, and by coincidence, it took exactly $25 worth of gas to fill it! Way cool!
I generally avoid signing up for the credit card services, or anything where there will be something free, then you will be billed. They seem like a great deal because you are getting something free. But then you forget to cancel, or procrastinate, or whatever. Pretty soon that free gas card, or free whatever isn’t free anymore. If you sign up for this stuff, and you really don’t want the service, make sure you cancel it right away! Don’t put it off. If you have any doubts that you forget to cancel, don’t sign up to begin with!