I went to the Millionaire Conference seminar today. It was a LONG day. I got up at 5:30am so that I could be downtown at 7:30am. I got a seat front and center. The audience was interesting. I am thinking that many of the people there probably don’t have much in the way of wealth. The MC was Nathan Osmond who is one of Alan Osmond’s sons. He opened the seminar singing the National Anthem. Bob Kittell was the first up. He talked about stock trading, covered calls, and was pitching a web site with stock trading tools, and a seminar on how to use the tools. Once he quoted Peter Lynch, but out of context. At the end, he rattled off the price of several thousand dollars, and people were lining up at the back table to buy it. Next there was an unscheduled guy who was pitching a place that would build you a website store to sell their products. The problem I saw in this, is that if all the stores are built alike, they will be competing directly with earch other on the search engine listings. Most likely one that I put up would be buried in the listings, and not sell too many things. Next up was Robert Bluhm who talked about Asset Protection. He described various legal structures such as ‘C’ Corporations, Family Limited Partnerships, CRTs, Living Trusts, and how to set them up. He was selling books, and software telling how to set these up. Cost was several thousand dollars. Then we had a lunch break. Following lunch, Bill Danko spoke for a bit and introduced Lynn Alder. Lynn Alder pitched instruction in how to buy, sell, and rent real estate. Most of it was stuff I have run into in books I have read, such as by Robert G. Allen. Of course this cost several thousand dollars. He mentioned one guy who bought a storage place. That peaked my interest some as I had never considered that as a business opportunity, and may look into it. Bill Danko came out spoke again for a while. Thankfully he wasn’t pitching anything. He was an excellent speaker. Actually they were all excellent speakers (except for the the guy pitching the online store…he was so so). Wayne Gray close the day talking about buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds. These were really intriguing, but not enough to merit the cost of several thousand dollars for his seminar. But I did order a book Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens : Earn Safe, Secured, and Fixed Returns Every Time by Larry B. Loftis for $13 from Amazon when I got home. It was interesting seeing the people lining up to plunk down thousands of dollars on seminars. Personally I am cynical of pitches like these as they sound to good to be true, and usually are. As we left, Nathan was passing out signed copies of The Millionaire Next Door. It was a softcover copy, with the signature on a bookplate stuck inside the front cover. The signature looks like it was signed with a felt tip pen, but when I compared two copies, the signature was too identical, so I am guessing it is printed on there somehow, and not truly signed. Oh well. It was an interesting day, and I learned some stuff, or at least was exposed to new things.